Quality in SPIMACO

High Standard of Quality was planned from the outset, SPIMACO engaged a consortium in Engineering and Pharmaceutical field (Roussel Uclaff, Pharmaceutical Consultant & UHDE, German Engineering firm) to provide the planning, construction and facilitate the process of Al-Qassim Pharmaceutical Plant.  

The plant was built and maintained to comply with the GMP, local regulatory and FDA requirements.  Al-Qassim plant utilizes state-of-the-art technology with most advanced machinery and equipment to manufacture and maintain high Quality standards. The plant is the translation to reality of the founders’ vision to have the most modern facility.  

SPIMACO is a leading manufacturing company in Saudi Arabia. The strategic plan was built on producing of high Quality Standard products . High technology is being used in all stages of researches, production, and marketing.  

The Pharmaceutical industry plays a vital role in the society. Since it affects the health and safety of the people, SPIMACO recognizes its responsibility by applying the Quality criteria in all stages of the operations and this is clearly identifies in company mission and vision.  

The Quality Management in SPIMACO depends on the participation of all employees in the company for the continuous improvement of product quality, planning, process and work environment. As a result of company strategy, it was not difficult for SPIMACO to be the first pharmaceutical manufacturing company to obtain the ISO-9001 certification in Saudi Arabia. This speaks of the quality of people, procedures and products at SPIMACO. This amplifies the competitive edge SPIMACO possesses over other regional pharmaceutical companies.  

SPIMACO  achieve the cGMP certification by Irish Medicine Boards .SPIMACO  underwent a  stringent  Audit  process  by   the  auditor  from  IMB of  their  Quality  Management  System including all  the  critical  steps defined  in  the  current European  regulatory   rules and  guidelines.   This is  the  major  achievement  towards  the  realization  of  company's  vision to  enter  the European market  .  

The certification of compliance with EU cGMP requirements recognizes that the policies, practices and procedures of the corporation ensure consistent quality in the Pharmaceuticals  provided to its- customers. With this certification,  customers can be more confident that SPIMACO ADDWEAIH is dedicated to maintaining the highest effectiveness and responsiveness in achieving the goal of total customer satisfaction. With  this  certification SPIMACO ADDWEAIH can  easily  establish  its  position in  the  EU  region for  which  an  agreement  has  already  been  signed  with  an Irish  company  for launching  our  products  in  the  EU region which  will  be  the  first  of  its  kind for  a  GCC  based company.  

SPIMACO is a responsible corporate citizen .Its strategies and policies all endorse the development of the society and to protect the environment. SPIMACO is committed to preserve the environment, to control the pollutants caused by its activity, products and services and continually improve its Environmental Management System. As a results of SPIMACO commitment it was awarded the ISO 14001 Certificate , Environmental agreement certificate from the Presidency of Meteorology and Environment , GCC Award for the best industrial company implementing and committed to the Environmental criteria and King award for the ideal plant – Chemical Sector.