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Featured Initiatives

Spimaco Addwaeih believes that it has a social and humanitarian responsibility and that it exceeds its activities from manufacturing, business and achieving profits to having social duties according to modern concepts. The company presents a lot of contributions in kind in the form of medicines and other cash contributions to some social centers and charitable organizations.The company also introduces humanitarian aids to brotherly and friendly countries which face natural disasters.

SPIMACO also contributes in supporting and rehabilitation of young Saudis who want to work, either through making agreements with theHuman Resources Development Fund or the provision of scholarships and on – job training.

  • 2018-09-20
Dr. Aljadhey honors SPIMACO for its strategic partnership with pharmaceuticals READ MORE
  • 2018-09-04
SPIMACO sponsors the Onaiza Dates Festival 1439 AH READ MORE
  • 2017-08-29
نصائح صحية للحاج READ MORE
  • 2017-07-09
نصائح قبل السفر READ MORE